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Organic Raw Chocolate – Vanilla, Roasted Almonds-90g


Organic Raw Chocolate – Vanilla & Roasted Almonds 90 g

Organic roasted vanilla almond pieces covered in decadent, rich, delicious and healthy raw chocolate infused with ground organic vanilla beans. Satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings minus all the guilt! Our raw chocolate is made from the best quality organic Arriba Cacao, sweetened with organic coconut sugar, Baobab, Lucuma and a touch of Agave syrup - packing it with even more superfood power!

Superfood Benefits:

  • Raw Arriba Cacao is the most antioxidant rich food in the world - 15x more than wild blueberries, 20x more than green tea and 30x more than red wine. Packed with protein and slow release energy, it boosts brain function, mood and metabolism - making raw chocolate the number one longevity food and one of the healthiest superfoods on earth.
  • Organic unpasteurized almonds help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, are high in antioxidant flavonoids and have alkalizing properties. Because of the way almonds absorb their nutrients, it is one of the types of nuts that is recommended to eat organic
  • Lucuma adds sweetness without the sugar, high in fibre, vitamins & minerals, iron and immune boosting beta carotene
  • Baobab is high in antioxidants and has amazing energy and immune boosting properties. High in vitamin C, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and fibre containing prebiotic properties that help the digestive system providing healthy bacteria in the gut. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels by significantly reducing the glycemic response to sugars and other carbohydrates.
  • Coconut sugar is one of the healthiest sweetness available. It has a low glycemic index providing slow released energy without the sugar crash making it an amazing substitute for refined sugars. It is also high in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron
  • Pink Himalayan Salt comes from a pristine 250 million year old source and contains over 80 natural minerals and trace elements making it one of the healthiest types of salt to eat


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