Pet Compost Kit



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Pet Compost Kit 
My Good Green™
My Good Green™ Pet Compost Kit lets you turn pet waste into nutrient-rich soil for your ornamental gardens, trees and shrubs, rather than tossing it out. Since pet waste typically can’t go in the green bin, it’s filling up our landfills, leaching toxins and parasites into our groundwater and waterways.
Why not let your pets’ poop feed your ornamental gardens instead! My Good Green™ Pet Compost Kit is perfect for dogs, cats and other household pets.
Turning your pet waste into nutrient-rich soil only takes a few weeks.
Follow these 4 simple steps and let your pets feed your plants!
1. Scoop
Spread a handful of Bokashi Plus™ into the bottom of the bucket and scoop pet waste on top in an even layer.
2. Sprinkle
Sprinkle enough Bokashi Plus™ to cover waste. Keep adding layers until bucket is full. Let ferment for one week.
3. Bury
Bury the contents of the bucket into your garden or layer in a container and cover with soil. Leave for two weeks.
4. Grow
Use the soil in your ornamental gardens or scatter it around trees and shrubs, to enrich the surrounding soil.

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