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EcoNugenics PectaSol-C


EcoNugenics PectaSol-C (454 gram powder jar)
EcoNugenics  PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin is the only clinically proven advanced and effective modified citrus pectin supplement available for promoting optimal cellular health. EcoNugenics PectaSol-C is a natural product is derived from the pith of citrus fruits, and is modified via an enzymatic process to achieve enhanced molecular characteristics for supporting cellular health.
Pectin is found in many fruits, but is not absorbed into the bloodstream due to its large molecular size. EcoNugenics PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin  is produced using an enhanced process that carefully controls the weight and size of pectin molecules. The result is modified citrus pectin that is readily and effectively absorbed into the bloodstream where it can actively promote cellular health. Extensive scientific research has demonstrated EcoNugenics PectaSol-C modified citrus pectins natural ability to support healthy cell growth and proliferation. 
EcoNugenics PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin was created by Dr Isaac Eliaz, MD.
EcoNugenics PectaSol-C is designed to be taken on an empty stomach. Take at least 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating. Take 2 hours before or after consumption of other medication and supplements. 
Active Support - Mix a 5g scoop of EcoNugenics PectaSol-C into liquid, three times a day.
Long Term Support - Mix one 5g scoop of EcoNugenics PectaSol-C into liquid a day.

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