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Coco Mojo Energy Elixer


Coco Mojo Energy Elixir   -11 oz / 312 g
Vegan Chocolate Drink Mix

Discover the delicious synergy of raw cacao, energizing guaraná, and low-glycemic coconut sugar! These unique ingredients won't crash your blood sugar, and the natural stimulation should keep you whistling all day!

How? Cacao and guarana are bursting with brain-boosting nutrients that lift your mood and give sustained energy. They also provide more cell-protecting antioxidants than almost any food on earth! Cacao even provides the same molecules our brain makes when we're in happy or in love!

So add a heaping teaspoon to your favorite cold smoothie or warm nut milk for a delicious morning boost!

While many energy drinks use guaraná extract for their strong caffeine kick, we use only the whole guaraná seed which is digested more slowly and offers a smoother, more sustainable energy-boost.

Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic RAW Cacao Powder, Organic Lucuma, Organic Mesquite, Organic Guarana, Organic Vanilla, Himalayan sea salt.

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