Pumi Bar Course -Purple



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Pumi Bar Course -Purple 
Mr. Pumice
Pumi Bar Course  13 x 5 cm  (5")
Rid feet of tough calluses without the harsh abrasiveness of a traditional pumice stone! The Purple Pumi Bar has one flat side and one ridged side; each featuring extra-coarse grit for ultimate callus removal (great for hands and elbows too!). Our custom formulation features synthetic frothed polyurethane and a sanitary solution to prevent the unsanitary buildup of dead skin cells. This patented product produces a foot rasp with a uniform internal structure unlike any other. It’s a noticeable difference you can feel!
  • Made in Europe.
  • Anti-bacterial solution safe.
  • Non-toxic.
Features & Benefits:
Extra-coarse grit for trouble areas of the foot
Smooths & softens for beautiful feet
Perfect partner to Callus Terminator to assist in softening tough skin

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