All Purpose Seasoning - 946 ml x 3



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* Liquid Soy Seasoning - All Purpose Seasoning  - 946 ml  3 pack

An all natural delicious, healthy gourmet alternative to Tamari or Soy Sauce. Bragg Original Formula Liquid Soy Seasoning were formulated by Paul C. Bragg, America's Health Pioneer and originator of Health Stores. The contents are pure soybeans and purified water.

This formulation has:
no preservatives * no additives * no chemicals * is Kosher
no colouring agents * no alcohol * no MSG

This product is not fermented. The sodium in this product is naturally occurring. No salt is added

Bragg Liquid Soy Seasoning contain the following Amino Acids: Alanine * Arginine * Aspartic Acid * Glutamic Acid * Glycine * Histidine * Isoleucine * Lysine *Leucine * Methionine * Phenylalanine * Proline * Serine * Threonine * Tryosine * Valine

These Amino Acids are naturally occurring in this formulation liquid-protein from soybeans only. Now available in handy table top spray bottle.

Seasoning with Bragg Liquid Soy Seasoning
Discover new taste delights by seasoning with Bragg Liquid Aminos in:
Salads and Dressings * Soups * Veggies * Rice & Beans * Tofu Wok and Stir-frys * Tempeh Casseroles
Potatoes * Meats * Poultry * Fish * Jerky * Popcorn * Gravies and Sauces * Macrobiotics

Nutritional Facts
In a 1/2 teaspoon of Bragg Liquid Seasoning there are 2 calories, 0 fat, 110 mg sodium, 50 mg carbohydrate, 275 mg protein. This product has been used by many people who are on salt-reduce diets, or have Candida. If you are on a prescribed diet, please consult with your medical practitioner before use.

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