Jade Pearl Rice, Organic -425g



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Organic Jade Pearl Rice  -425 gr

Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice is one of their most exemplary rices, both for its nutritional and flavor profile, they infuse an organic pearled rice with wildcrafted BamBoom! extract, made from the Moso species of bamboo that grows in the virgin highland forest of south central China.
The oldest living people of the world eat a staple of rice mixed with a unique, edible species of Bamboo leaf and stem for its good nutritional profile. They consider this warm mountain-grown bamboo the true tree of life.
When cooked, Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice produces the aroma of a bamboo forest, a light vanilla taste, and an explosion of health-giving nutrients. Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice makes an especially pretty plate presentation, sushi, Asian style risotto and dessert pudding.
Coupled with organic and sustainable growing methods, Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice is the perfect rice for any occasion.
Cooks in only 20 minutes
Especially rich in chlorophyll
Gluten and wheat free
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