Traditional Pad Thai Rice Noodles



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Traditional Pad Thai Rice Noodles -8 oz pkg
We’ve reinvented these popular Asian specialty noodles using healthier organic, heirloom and whole grain rice.
Perfect for making a more nutritious and authentic restaurant-style Pad Thai, they are also delicious in stir fries, savory noodle soups and chilled noodle salads. Or use them as a gluten-free replacement for pasta. For quick and easy Pad Thai recipes, visit our Pad Thai recipe page here.
We source our rice from selected farmers who use a set of growing practices called the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). These practices enable smallholder farmers to harvest more rice while reducing water use, methane emissions, and women’s workload. We call this More Crop Per Drop™, a Water Smart and Women Strong” way to grow rice. When you purchase our Pad Thai Rice Noodles you Do The Rice Thing, promoting women- and climate-friendly farming, and preserving rice heritage. Visit our MCPD section to learn more about this amazing system that is transforming the rice-growing world.
Ingredients: Organic white rice flour
100% Certified Organic
100% Whole Grain (brown and black rice)
Gluten-free and wheat-free
Quick cooking & ready in 5 minutes

Certified Organic

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