Brazil Nuts (organic)-500g



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Brazil Nuts (organic)- 500 g

Our Wildcrafted Brazil Nuts are harvested by indigenous people as part of a program that protects the rainforest from clear cutting. You can feel doubly good, knowing you’re getting the highest natural source of the anti-cancer mineral Selenium - just three.

Brazil nuts give you more than your daily requirement.
Brazil Nuts are also an incredible source of zinc, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorous, copper, and iron, plus heart-healthy monounsaturated oils, and a full spectrum of amino acids – including vital performance boosters like methionine, arginine, and glutamine.

They also make fantastic nut milks. Crisp and meaty, our Brazil Nuts are perfect by the handful, tossed into salads, or sweetened with a handful of our dried fruits.

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