Aromatherapy Pastilles - Tummy Soothers



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Tummy Soothers  -1.38 oz 

St.Claire's - Certified Organic Aromatherapy Pastilles
Made with a synergistic blend of pure medicinal-grade essential oils,herbs & herbal extracts that have been used for centuries as natural remedies.

Howdy, caring candy makers!

Just read some of your site and it looks as good as the Tummy Soothers I just bought for my husband, who is often troubled by the symptoms it says it relieves (he hasn't tried them yet, and here's the cute part).

I opened package at the dinner table the other night and let him smell them and read the ingredients, and he said, "Yum!  Those smell so good I almost wish I had a bit of heartburn right now so I could try one.  Almost."

Thought you'd like that.  :)  I'm sure they'll be helpful for him, and thanks for making them, and for making them available in Canada for us!

Lesley S.
Lanark, Ontario (purchased in Carleton Place, Ontario)


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