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H2o2 Gel (Hydrogen Peroxide Gel)


This gel has completely erased the pain that I get in my neck and shoulders from sitting at my computer all day. The pain is quite severe and once it comes up it usually lasts for weeks at a time. I can only describe it as having a migraine in my muscles. Sometimes there are golf ball size muscle knots.
I started applying the gel on Sunday and at first I would have to apply every few hours but by Wednesday there was no longer any pain at all. I thought I was crazy so I gave some to my Sister-In-Law (who is always game to try any new concoction that come out of my kitchen/alchemy lab) and she experienced a marked decrease in her foot pain. I usually have difficulty putting on my socks in the morning due to some hip pain so I started using the gel on my hip too and if I use it a few minutes before I get up, I do not experience that pain at all.
I am excited about this gel and will share it with family and friends.
Date Added: 04/15/2015 by Laura McCorkell

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