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Vibroacoustic Therapy System


I've tried the NEUROSPA equipment similar to this product. It was 2000$ worth. It had 3 types of therapy, totalizing 35 minutes. THEN I DISCOVERED THIS PRODUCT, FOR 1/5 OF THE PRICE. First : 60minutes in four therapies, Second : adjustable volume on sound, AND on vibrations indepently, THIRD : the most important... it has an input for my music player so i can use the device with my music, my xbox, my computer...

I ordered it, and 3 days after i received a box, in good condition. I installed the device on my lazyboy, in the sunny patio door and powered it......SO GOOD, I WISHED I HAD INVENTED IT BEFORE... I am looking to buy a second unit...

Good quality, uses 12v power, so it's good in the car also, I am tall (6'4) and the curve realy fits my back as it does with smaller persons in my house.

Date Added: 04/20/2014 by STEPHANE LAMANNA

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