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Vibroacoustic Therapy System


I bought the Vibroqcoustic Therapy System because of many reasons :
1 - a similar product named "Neurospa" sells for 2000$, it has 3 programs, totalizing 45min of music. it has 4 sound level. No auxiliairy input.
2- This system is 400$, has 4 program of 15 min each, 30 vibration level, 30 audio level, auxiliairy input.
3- Plus, it has a car plug so i can massage while driving to and from my office...
4- My son plays the xbox and love the feeling..
5- I am 6'3", so my back is quite long, and the curve of the device fits me really good.
6- Delivery in 3 days, package in good condition.

I recommand it.
Date Added: 05/06/2014 by STEPHANE LAMANNA

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