Julienne Ceramic Slicer (black)



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Julienne Ceramic Slicer with guard
KYOCERA Advanced Ceramic Knives

The wide julienne slicer features an advanced ceramic blade close in hardness to diamond and sharp, wide teeth to make perfect matchstick vegetables every time. Safe and easy to use, this slicer does not require any set-up: simply place the handguard on the vegetable and produce beautiful strips in seconds. Ideal for sautéing or garnish. Included handguard keeps your fingers out of harm’s way.


• Extra wide teeth produces perfect string cuts (1/8” or 3.175 mm)

• Fast and easy to use – no set-up!

• Sharp, durable blade won’t rust or brown foods

• Included handguard holds food securely and protects fingers

• Corner notches fits the slicer on top of bowls

• Perfect for julienning carrots, zucchini, potatoes, and more

• Versatile, durable and affordable – ideal for everyday use

• New angled design is comfortable, lightweight and easy to Use

• Dishwasher safe

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