Toothpaste for Dogs -Organic Peppermint 2oz (59ml)



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Toothpaste for Dogs -Organic Peppermint 2oz (59ml)
Black Sheep Organics

Deliciously Deoderizing
It's no secret that brushing our teeth is necessary for clean teeth and fresh breath, and it's just as important for your dog. Healthy teeth and gums are a key factor in your dogs overall health.
Made with right amount of organic peppermint esential oil and coconut oil for dogs, our best-selling dog toothpaste is naturally deodorizing to fight dog bad breathe and dog teeth tartar. You won't believe your dogs breath could smell this good!
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Calcium carbonate - gently abrasive to clean plaque and tartar
Vegetable glycerin  - sweetener, keeps paste moist
Coconut oil* - saponified, organic coconut soap, antibacterial
Peppermint essential oil* - antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorizing
*Certified organic

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