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FAM -Seqex Electromagnetic Therapy Device 

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Give your body more energy!
FAM – SEQEX® FAM is an innovative electro-medical device for magnetotherapy that administers customized controlled pulsed or variable electromagnetic fields. The treatment is applied using a mat connected to the central console with other optional pads that can be utilized simultaneously with the use of a multi-plug adapter. SEQEX® FAM can be used in hospitals and ambulatory clinics by medical staff and also in domestic environment with the assistance of medical personnel. This model is commonly used in a home environment as it has the capability store 10 programs in the memory hence it is called FAM for family. This model provides the option for each family member or pet to have their own customized program stored in the controller.
What is Seqex?
Seqex is a revolutionary health & wellness technology in the form of a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device that produces Ion Cyclotron Resonance phenomena. This phenomena promotes the reduction of inflammation; induces a muscle relaxant effect and contributes to improving microcirculation.
The Seqex is unique as it has the ability of producing up to thirty wave forms and can use up to 2.4 million frequency combinations. This ICR phenomenon allows the cells to become more permeable allowing toxins to be released and nutrients to be absorbed. It is the only ICR full body applicator in the world.
Seqex devices support the work of healthcare professionals during traditional courses of patient therapy and are used as part of an integrative approach in conjunction with modern day medicine. There are three models currently available with nine sequences on each program. There is the option to customize a program specifically for a Client depending on the model of Seqex. The Seqex HC, FAM and MED have all been licensed by Health Canada as Class 2 medical devices (Licenses: 99892, 99893, 99894, 7622).

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