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Building Up Your Immune Protection

One of the best ways of maintaining optimal health and recovering from illness is boosting the immune system. Research shows that enhancing microcirculation is an important part of optimizing our immune function and defense against illness and disease. The main function of microcirculation in our bodies is to ensure the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and immune factors to maintain good health and fight against viruses and bacteria. Good microcirculation also removes the metabolic waste products and toxins in our body.

The body’s immune system is made stronger and more effective by living in healthy environments, decreasing inflammatory load in the body, enhancing relaxation, making healthy food choices, and improving microcirculation.

The Seqex is a medical device licensed by Health Canada for decreasing inflammation, inducing muscle relaxation and improving microcirculation, thereby fortifying a person’s general health and immune system.

Seqex has been used for 22 years in rehabilitation centers in Europe for healing by enhancing microcirculation and decreasing inflammation.

Seqex in now available in Ontario and will help to you to improve your microcirculation so that your immune system is stronger and can better fight off illness and disease.

Seqex is available in treatment centers and can be bought or leased for ongoing home and workplace use.


Seqex® was developed based on research conducted in the mid-1970s by renowned scientist, W.R. Adey who discovered it is possible to stimulate the biological system using extremely low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields; specifically, the mobility of ions across a cell’s membrane.

Over the following years, Carl Blackman, a scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), discovered that these results were critically dependent on the direction the electromagnetic fields were applied.


In 1984, Prof. A.R. Liboff who was interested at the time in the biological effects of cosmic radiation, hypothesized that the discoveries of Adey and Blackman could easily be explained by assuming that the terrestrial magnetic field, or geomagnetic field (GMF), interacted with the applied variable fields producing a phenomenon known as ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) directly inside tissues.

Prof. Abraham R. Liboff
Professor Abraham R. Liboff

Prof. Abraham R. Liboff
The phenomenon of ICR is well known in physics; it requires the simultaneous application of two parallel magnetic fields, one static and one variable through time. Assuming that the effects observed in the laboratory by Adey and Blackburn were caused by ICR, Liboff demonstrated that on the basis of the frequencies used and the values of the GMF, the range of intensity of the GMF on the Earth’s surface corresponded with ICR frequencies, indicating that very low physiologically significant frequencies were capable of affecting key biological changes. For example, when ICR was applied, calcium, potassium, and magnesium ions moved across cell membranes more effectively which ultimately produce positive biological changes. These discoveries were of revolutionary importance; the observations of Adey and Blackman had effectively revealed an intrinsic electromagnetic property in living beings.

Liboff further demonstrated that previous successes with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF, also known as magnetotherapy) for treatment of bone diseases like arthrosis, osteoporosis and delayed consolidation presented by Dr. C.A.L. Bassett in the 1970’s, were very likely specific cases of ICR-like phenomena. These known physical effects were therefore derived from the probability of the wide frequency band of the PEMF signals also including ICR-like frequencies.

In order to validate these hypotheses, Liboff with the assistance of Prof. S.D. Smith, Prof. B.R. McLeod, Dr. J. Thomas, and the undergraduate K. A. Jenrow, undertook a long series of experiments that proved beyond all reasonable doubt that combinations of ICR-like frequencies from magnetic fields “tuned in” to certain ions can have profound effects on living beings, be these cell cultures or complete organisms.

It has been established that electromagnetic fields that are similar in intensity and frequency to the GMF can be safely used to promote health and wellbeing. Seqex generates electromagnetic fields whose characteristics are compatible to the GMF.

Seqex can assist in regulating the transition of ions (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and certain amino acids) through cellular membranes which is essential to the optimal functioning of cells. They can also encourage the expulsion of waste materials, normalize certain physiological cell functions. It is highly effective in correcting inflammatory processes and stimulating micro-circulation.

Diseases of chronic inflammation

The Origins of Ion Cyclotron Resonance with Prof Abraham Liboff Interview Video Series:

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Dan Thurman, Deputy Chief Collingwood Fire Department

Gary Roberts - NHL Veteran and Stanley Cup Winner

Gary Roberts
I am a firm believer in using an Integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of every day life. I use SEQEX ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) therapy as one of the recovery measures that helps my body reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.

Toronto Fire Chief on Site Show Testimonial for SEQEX and Back Pain Relief
Laura at Health Energies Wasaga Beach, On-Site Testimonial

Roxane Melançon
A couple of years ago, my diabetes was out of control and suffered from severe neuropathy in my feet, I had constant throbbing and unbearable burning sensation, I couldn’t sleep, walking and standing up was painful.

I was introduced to Health Harmonies/Energies and SEQEX PEMF mat by a good friend of mine, who is a Homeopath and was involved with Health Harmonies in Newmarket. She suggested that I try it, I had nothing to lose, everything to gain! Nothing else was working unless I took more medication, which I didn’t want to do.

I started to use SEQEX 2-3 times a week, mostly using the Extra Regeneration and Micro-Circulation program and I had personalized cards done for both in order to maximize the benefits. After a couple of weeks, I was able to better sleep at night and in time the burning and pain in my feet was gone. I couldn’t believe it, I was so amazed…

Which leads me to my next story, an opportunity presented itself to volunteer at the Newmarket location a couple of times a week, I enjoyed my experience at the studio, people were kind, friendly and knowledgeable, I felt rejuvenated when I went there, I truly believed in the benefits of SEQEX and wanted to help others get better as well. Everything was great, next thing I know they asked me if I wanted to work there part time, then I went to Sardinia to meet the people responsible for developing the SEQEX devices; Dr. Greco, Chief Medical Officer and Valerio Dallago, CEO and founder of S.I.S.T.E.M.I.. I am such a supporter and advocate of PEMF and SEQEX that I am now opening a Health Energies location in Vaughan. I cannot wait to help people get healthier and better their lives.

Ryan Martin, Firefighter
After injuring my neck, which resulted in severe pain and very limited mobility, I immediately pursued treatment with my physiotherapist. She assessed my condition and concluded it would take four weeks of treatments to remedy. After only three Seqex treatments, I was pain free and my mobility in my neck improved significantly. It has been an effective tool to help my body recharge and reduce inflammation.

J. F., Midland, On
I have been suffering from lymphedema in my right arm for about two and a half years now. Traditional methods of treatment including compression arm sleeves and custom nighttime sleeves were not getting satisfactory results.

Regular lymphatic drainage massage combined with SEQEX treatments attained very positive, measurable improvement. When being fitted for a replacement nighttime adjustable arm sleeve, all eight measuring points on my arm, from the wrist to the shoulder, were significantly reduced from the previous year’s measurements.

I am convinced that the once, to twice, a week SEQEX treatments were largely responsible for that improvement. In a world that tells me my condition has no cure, I am thankful for this new and exciting technology.