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White Amaranth (organic) 15.91kg / 35lb


Amaranth seeds (Amaranthus). 5-7 days to germinate. Amaranth, a pseudo-grain, was a staple food source for the Aztecs & Incas. Amaranth seeds are a great addition to emergency home food bulk storage. These Amaranth seeds are tested for microbes and are certified organic.
Popular Uses
Both the leaves and seeds of the Amaranth can be utilized, making it incredibly versatile. Amaranth is commonly used as a gluten-free grain substitute and is very similar to quinoa. Amaranth can be popped like popcorn, used as the base for a breakfast porridge and grain bowls, or added into soups. Amaranth seeds can be ground into a flour for a gluten-free flour substitute. Amaranth leaves can even be used as a spinach substitute!
1. Breakfast foods
2. Soups & stews
3. Baking
4. Salads
Amaranth seeds are an ancient crop that dates back to 8,000 years ago in Argentina. There is some debate over the origin of amaranth, some argue that there are two distinct varieties, one of which originated in Asia and the other in the Americas, or that amaranth made its way from the Americas to Asia through trade.
Amaranth held particular significance in ceremonies held during the Aztec empire. One such ceremony honored Huitzlipochtli, the god of war. An image of the god was created out of honey and amaranth and was divided up at the end of the ceremony and served to those attending. Popped amaranth and honey is still a delicious treat enjoyed in South and Central America. Amaranth was also a staple grain in Southeast Asia and China and is used for its tender greens in Africa.
Health Benefits
Amaranth seeds and sprouts are an excellent source of fiber and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Amaranth leaves are incredibly rich in the plant compounds beta-carotene and lutein, more so than most leafy greens! Many plants have low lysine (an amino acid) levels, not so with amaranth! Because of this, lysine contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete plant protein.

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