Nasturtium -500g



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Nasturtium -500g  
Bontanical name: Tropaeolum majus
Nasturtium microgreen seeds pack a powerhouse of flavor when in the microgreen stage. They have a beautiful colour . Also known as nasturtium shoots, these greens are becoming a popular addition to sushi, since it has a similar spice to wasabi.  
Harvest time: 14-16 days.  
Growing Directions:
Soak nasturtium seeds in warm water for about 4 hours. This allows the seed to draw as much water as possible to begin the germinating process.
Prepare soil bed by moistening it and tamping it. If you are planting in  a 10x20 tray use approx 2oz of seed
Spread seeds evenly across the surface and cover with a thin layer of organic soil (recommended over hydroponic mediums)—much like planting pea shoots.
Germination time:  4-7 days
Water from the bottom regularly and place under a grow light when seedling are poking through the soil layer.
Estimated time to harvest is between 14-16 days
Microgreen Flavor:
spicy, similar to mustard and wasabi
Vitamins A, B and C, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, fiber and copper

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