Rice- Basmati White (organic) 1kg



Shipping Weight: 1kgs

White Basmati Rice (organic)  -1 kg

White basmati rice has 35 grams of carbohydrates in each 1/4-cup serving, while brown basmati rice carbs are slightly higher, with a 1/4 cup providing 37 grams. The two differ primarily in how much of these carbohydrates come from dietary fiber.
White and brown basmati rice protein clocks in at 3 and 4 grams. This amount supplies approximately 6 to 7 percent of a man's recommended daily protein intake and 7 percent to 9 percent of a woman's.
The protein in basmati rice is incomplete since it does not have all of the amino acids required by your body. You can complete basmati rice's protein without consuming any animal-based protein sources by eating a variety of whole grains, beans, legumes and produce throughout the day.

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