Wheat Hard Red Spring (organic) 25kg Canada



Shipping Weight: 22.68kgs

Hard Red Spring Wheat (organic) -25kg
Country of origin: Canada

Einkorn is man's first known variety of cultivated wheat.  It is being rediscovered today as a healthier alternative to modern day wheat as it is twice as high in protein and trace minerals.  Einkorn is a hulled wheat, making it more difficult to harvest but also making it easier to keep from chemical contamination when grown organically as the hull protects the kernel throughout the growing season.  

There is current research suggesting that replacing modern wheat with Einkorn in one's diet can drastically reduce the chances of developing cancer.  Results from a study done  in Japan by Nakamura et al. (2005) have shown that in an analysis of 324 different varieties of wheat from around the world Einkorn was found to be among the least allergenic.  This ancient grain in its unaltered form is believed to be among the most nutritious form of wheat.

Einkorn is a delicious grain that is wonderful cooked up whole, short sprouted using jar method or used as flour in almost any recipe.

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