Baby Blanket Growing Medium -5pk



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Baby Blanket Growing Medium  -5 pack

Blanket size: 50cm X 24cm (10"x20")
Baby Blanket is a thin (1/8 inch) pad that holds water very well and which is easy to handle, which makes it an excellent growing medium. Combined with Kelp fertilizer you can grow Micro-Greens without the mess of soil.

Baby Blanket is also a wonderful way to grow Grass and Greens.
Baby Blanket is a thin, natural organic fibre mat made without the use of toxic binders or chemical additives.

Benefits when using the Baby Blanket are:

* 100% Biodegradable
* Natural and Organic
* Cuts easily to size to fit any application!
* Reduces insect infestation
* Less maintenance, less frequent watering
* Reduces water bills
* No more weeding
* No herbicides needed

*This is a disposable (compostable) medium. Don't try to use it again - just cut another piece or use a new pad for your next crop.

Micro-Greens Greens Grass and any other small seed you want to grow into a tiny plant.

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