Humidity Dome 1020 Bootstrap Farmer -Extra Strength-10 x 20 x 6"



Shipping Weight: 1kgs
Bootstrap Farmer Extra Strength Humidity Dome  
10 x 20 x 6"
Heavy-duty clear plastic Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays helps you regulate the temperature and moisture needed for germination of your seedlings.
When rooting clones or sprouting seeds, it's a good idea keep them in a safe place with warm and humid air. Humidity domes allow the right amount of humidity and temperature levels in the seed trays to maximize germination.
Our Humidity Domes are truly heavy-duty. They are not flimsy or brittle like others
Made from Extra Strength recycled plastic
Dome reaches 6" above top of seed tray (5½" interior space). Outer Dimension: 21¼" x 11" x 6"
Adjustable Humidity Vent
Easy-grip handle attached to cloning dome
Fits Bootstrap Farmer 1020 trays 

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