Sprout Bag Hemp by Sproutman (100% hemp)



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100% Hemp Sprout Bag
by Sproutman

  • Designed for sprouting.
  • Saves time. Very convenient.
  • All sprouts get air. Good circulation prevents mold.
  • 100% drainage without tilting or waiting. Water never collects.
  • Will sprout all varieties. All grains, all beans, even gelatinous seeds
  • Convenient. Only 2 steps. Dip in water, hang on hook or knob. Or lay in dish rack.
  • Saves counter space. Saves refrigerator space. Bags expand and contract per volume.
  • Lightweight, unbreakable. Great for traveling, camping, boating.
  • Wide opening for easy handling. Holds equivalent to 3/4 gallon jar.
  • Fabric won't shrink or mold, like cotton, burlap or cheesecloth.
  • Made from durable flax (linen) and hemp fibers.

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