Sprouting Starting Kit (Sprout Master)



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Sprouting Starter Kit 
Sprout Master
Ideal gift pack for the green thumb in the family or great for food bank donations!
  • Sprouts Book by Kathleen O'Bannon
  • Learn how to buy sprouting seeds, grow delicious sprouts of many varieties, and prepare meals with healthful, life-giving sprouts. Includes recipes illustrated with full-color photos.
  • 8oz bag of Salad Mix.This is a spicy mixture of alfalfa, canola, clover, radish and broccoli will delight your taste buds. Sprouts well in 4-6 days, 1"” to 2"” sprouts.
  • 1L Sprouting Jar
Garden In a Jar combines proper air, ventilation, drainage and special greenhouse growing effect to produce the freshest, healthiest and best tasting sprouts. 

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