Tray Bootstrap Farmer Extra Strength (with holes) 10 x 20 x2.50"



Shipping Weight: 4.45kgs
10 pack: 10 x 20 x 2.25" Extra Strength -With Holes
Bootstrap Farmer Tray -Food (5) Safe 
NOTE: Trays are shipped only with Canada Post for damage control, please choose Canada Post only for your shipping option during checkout.
Food #5 Safe
Why waste your money on flimsy, brittle seed trays?  Keep more money in your pocket and out of the landfill.  Bootstrap Farmer trays are designed for repeated use and abuse.  
We have tested these propagation trays with over 50 lbs of weight without breaking.
These propagation trays are heavy duty with extra strength, making them easier to carry and move around. Bootstrap Farmer seed trays, and propagation trays are designed to produce high-quality plants to fulfill your growing needs.
Propagation trays are perfect for fodder and fodder systems, microgreens, wheatgrass, and germination of seedlings in soil or hydroponics for hobby or commercial growers.
Will not warp or break
Fits any standard 1020 cell tray
Made from recycled food-safe plastic
No drainage holes
Outer dimensions: 21” x 10.75” x 2.5” Deep
Inner bottom dimensions: 19.625" x 9.25"
NOTE:   In order to prevent damage, all sprouting trays will be shipped with Canada Post

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