Organic Raw Cacao Butter -500g

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Cacao Butter  -500 g
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Our Raw Cacao Butter is made from select cacao nibs and cold pressed and then the pure golden oil is removed and hardened. Raw cacao butter is edible and has an extraordinary rich, delicate chocolate aroma. Cut a slice of this delicious butter and add it to smoothies, desserts, ice creams or chocolate recipes. Because it has not been damaged by heat, this cacao butter melts easily and blends nicely into any type of concoction.
Nutritional Benefits

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (JADA), certain chocolates and cocoa – specifically the low-sugar forms – may provide cardiovascular health benefits in a wide range of people.
The research also showed that the fatty acids in cacao butter are predominantly saturated (stearic and palmitic) and monounsaturated (oleic).
Consumption of saturated fats is often negatively associated with cardiovascular health, and therefore, because of cacao butter’s saturated fat content, some incorrectly perceive it as a "bad" food. However, stearic acid is a unique fatty acid in that does not elevate blood cholesterol levels the way other saturated fats do. Studies have found that diets containing cocoa and chocolate have a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels in humans.
This Product Works Great In Almost Any Situation
Raw Cacao Butter is the perfect ingredient in desert recipes.

Raw Organic Cacao Butter is extremely stable, easy to use and adds a smooth, buttery consistency to any culinary creation. You simply store it in a cool, dry place and then cut off pieces as you use it.

USDA organicCertified kosher

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