Raw Cacao Powder - 500g



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Raw Cacao Powder  -500 g
Certified Organic, Certified Kosher USD

True Cacao Powder is made by cold-pressing out all the oil - not just grinding up nibs, like so many companies do now. If you want concentrated nutrients with less fat, this is crucial. Removing the oil also gives our Raw Cacao Powder a much finer texture - who wants gritty chocolate?

This heirloom variety of Cacao Powder has been tested to have 423% more ORAC antioxidants than the finest roasted cacao powders on the market. Processing with low heat really does give better nutrition, so our cacao powder is the most nutritionally dense of all cacao products available. 

Just add 1-2 tbsp. of cacao powder to your smoothies, teas, coffee, protein drinks or your favorite recipe wherever cacao powder is called for.

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USDA organicCertified kosher

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