Goji Juice Powder -500g



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Goji Juice Powder  -500 g

From the original superfruit comes an easy-to-use powder delivering all the nutrients available in fresh goji juice. It takes 10 pounds of fresh berries to make just 1 pound of this potent Goji powder. It's perfect in smoothies, desserts, bars, mixes and supplements, or even just with water for a convenient refreshing goji juice. With a long history as a traditional Chinese longevity food, gojis are now known to provide a mega-dose of cell-protecting antioxidants, essential vitamins and trace minerals, including vital selenium.

They're also loaded with heart-healthy phytosterols and eye-sight-protecting carotenoids, as well as Goji's unique polysaccharides, which are being studied as an explanation for Goji's longstanding traditional health use.

  • Concentrated powdered version of the original anti-aging superfruit.
  • A tangy, sweet addition to desserts, trail mixes, energy bars and granola.
  • One of the only Certified Organic goji juice powders available. 
  • Juiced, dried and powdered at pristine organic certified facility.
  • Long shelf life and very low moisture level — easy to use in any manufacturing process.
  • Perfect in smoothies, desserts, bars, mixes and supplements

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