Ultra Tachyonized Micro-Disk -35mm (T35-MDU)



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ULTRA Tachyonized Micro-Disk -35mm
Tachyon Technologies

The 35mm Tachyonized Ultra Micro-Disks are made of the same pure silica material as the Silica Disks and are designed to be worn on the body. When Ultra Micro-Disks are placed on an injury or an unbalanced area they are to be worn as much as possible 24 hours a day. Remove when showering or bathing and then reapply.

When the Micro-Disks are placed on an injury or unbalanced area they should be left on that area until all symptoms are gone, plus an additional two to three days. As long as the Tachyonized Micro-Disk is applied to the body it will attract energy to the SOEFs. The SOEFs convert Tachyon into the exact frequencies needed to restore order. In other words, the SOEFs convert Tachyon into usable biological energy. It is this usable biological energy that allows the body to heal itself.

Adhere the Tachyonized Micro-Disk directly on the area in need of balancing. Cover the entire area with the appropriate number of Micro-Disks.

Tachyon Technologies

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