Vertical Pendant -Black-Gold (Mini-V-B-GOLD)



Shipping Weight: 0.028kgs
 Black & Gold Vertical Pendant 
The vertical pendant  harmonizes our subtle organizing energy fields creating an antenna from the most powerful energy in the universe. The energy comes from a crystal that is encased in a hollowed out steel tube. While wearing it, your energy system is balanced and harmonious and protects you from electro-magnetic energy. When wearing it you will experience a much more balanced and healthy flow of energy throughout your system. The positive, life-enhancing experiences and testimonials from those who have been fortunate to wear the pendant have been beyond my expectations.
The pendant is virtually indestructible. The Tachyonized, perfectly cut crystal is encased in a polished steel vessel. The crystal, when worn, integrates the chakras and generates a sense of well-being and harmony relaxing you into your natural vertical flow.
The Mini-V pendant for all ages, children included. Each pendant has a steel rod, which has been drilled out to hold the 12mm Vertical crystal. The word Vertical is printed on the highly polished steel tube.  Each comes with a decorative spinning sleeve you can play with.  The Mini-V comes with a velvet Tachyon logo bag.

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