Tachyonized Life-Pad For Pets (LP-Pet)



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Tachyonized Life-Pad For Pets
Tachyon Technologies

This powerful Tachyon antenna attracts energy, bringing balance to the SOEFs. It is a very versatile product. The Tachyonized Pet-Pad is comprised of an insert made with a revolutionary Tachyonized Aero-Fiber covered in fabric, and a 1-inch foam cushion encased in a durable fabric sleeve with a zippered closure. The Pet-Pad will become your pet’s favorite place to just hang out. If your pet is feeling blue they tend to gravitate towards the Pet-Pad as they are intuitive and know that it will help them. No matter what your pet’s breed is or type of pet the Pet-Pad is a must have.

There are numerous ways to use the Tachyonized Pet-Pad:
Pet car seats – It may help your pet with anxiety during the ride.
Pet beds and favorite sleeping places
Horse saddle pad – especially for race horses
Cat trees and resting areas

tachyon pet pad

The Pet-Pad measures approximately 16 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 1 1/2" (41cm x 26,20cm x 3,70cm)
The Aero-Fiber insert alone measures approximately 15" x 10 1/2" x 1/16" (37,5cm x 26,20cm x 0,5cm)

Remove the Aero-Fiber insert and foam pad from the zippered cover. The cover may be washed in the machine on gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat. The Aero-Fiber is to be gently hand washed by sponging the fabric with soap and water. Do not immerse in water - do not wring or twist. Lay flat to air dry.

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