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Size: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Medical researchers have long known that stress and injury can alter cell metabolism and weaken immune system regulation, leading to serious health complications. Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, published research in the 1980's showing that compounds found in very minute quantities in wheat germ could help restore healthy cell metabolic function.* Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) was created when a process was developed to concentrate these compounds by fermenting wheat germ with baker’s yeast. Now you can experience the benefits of fermented wheat germ extract for yourself as one of the best natural supplements on the market!

  • EASY & CONVENIENT TO TAKE - No mixing!
  • GLUTEN-FREE - For people with gluten allergies!
  • TAKE ANY TIME OF DAY - Before, during or after meals, with or without other medications and supplements!
  • NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED - Heat stable up to 122°F!

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – Super Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: 5.5 grams of Avemar freeze-dried actives.
  • Redirect energy to healthy cells for renewed vitality, well-being. and enhanced quality-of-life.*
  • Support optimal immune system function.*
  • Promote cell metabolic regulation.*
  • Maintain healthy appetite, weight, and cell mass.*

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving: % Daily Value
Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – Super Concentrate (FWGE-SC) 41 mg*
*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: V-Cap plant-derived cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement for adults less than 200 lbs., take 2 Metatrol capsules per day (before, during or after meals, as preferred). For people weighing over 200 lbs., 4 Metatrol capsules per day are recommended to get the proper dose of FWGE.

When should I take Metatrol? Metatrol can be taken any time of day, before, during or after meals. You can take both capsules at once or split them up, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. Also, there has been no research showing that other dietary supplements will interfere with Metatrol or conversely, that it interferes with any other dietary supplements, so you can take Metatrol whenever it is convenient. When taking any prescription medication, review the “FDA packet insert” available with every drug for warnings and contraindications, and consult with your doctors or with pharmacists. We encourage everyone with serious health issues to consult with a physician for personal guidance.


Should not be taken during pregnancy or while nursing. Consult with a healthcare professional for recommended usage levels for children and guidance on using more than 4 Metatrol capsules per day. Do not consume Metatrol if you are taking immune suppression medication. This product is manufactured with wheat germ and baker’s yeast. Use cautiously if sensitive to these ingredients. Gluten and gliaden are removed, so that this product is gluten-free.

This product is not intended to be the sole source of nutrients in the diet.
This product is not affected by temperatures under 122° F (50° C).
Best if stored in a dry place at temperatures less than 80° F (26 °C).

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