About Sprout Master

Sprout Master, is a Canadian business dedicated to the distribution of health conscious products. We are a distributor of quality sprouting supplies, 35% Ultra Pure Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and over 60 varieties of Certified Organic Seed, Beans and Grain.

We test and research all of our products. We continuously investigate new ways to make all of our products work for you. Our products are packaged/processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts and other allergens.

Statement Of Care

Sprout Master’s mission is to enhance the ability of people to better manage their own health by employing the three most important principles:

  • Positive thinking
  • Pure clean drinking water
  • Nourishing food to feed the body. We are in business to provide our clients with the finest quality organic products available. Our packaging and products both denote environmental and healthful notions, which respect the environment and the human body.

Vision Statement

We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients to enable them to continue to work to achieve optimal health through nutrition. Sprout Master follows seven core values: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Health, Integrity, Passion and Commitment. These values are very important to our company and we strive to exhibit them in everything that we do and promise to provide quality service with the highest ethics, integrity and professional standards.