Tachyon, 5G Tachyon Ultra Phone Disk (PC-24M-5g-1)

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5G Tachyon Ultra Phone Disk PC-24M-5g-1
Tachyon Technologies

From the onset, the differences in 5G technology and the dangers they pose to our health have been at the center of global controversy. There are over 10,000 research articles implicating wireless systems in acute and chronic health problems. (read more) We have entered a new technological era, where it is acceptable, without choice, to immerse humanity in 5G world without escape. 5G Cell phones all operate near the highest frequencies of the radio wave spectrum. 5G emanating from hand-held devices disrupt the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of the body and can cause significant imbalances and illness. To thrive in the 5G world, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. Tachyonized 5G ULTRA Phone Disks transform these disruptive wave patterns and help the user move towards higher levels of order and balance.
Indicated for use on all 5G mobile phones. The 5G ULTRA phone disk is a powerful safe protection in the 5G world. Tachyonized 5G-ULTRA Phone Disks transform disruptive 5G mill-wave bifurcations helping the user.
The Tachyonized 5G-ULTRA Phone Disks comes attached to a double-sided adhesive sticker. Simply peel off the paper backing, and adhere it to the clean, dry surface of the phone's battery compartment. Do not cut into the plastic lamination or separate the sandwich composite for any reason. The purpose of the lamination and composite is to protect the inner disks from day to day use.
5G ULTRA Phone disk is 24mm and the thickness is 2.5mm
Contraindications and Cautions:
*The Tachyon 5G-ULTRA Phone Disks is a crucial part of an overall plan for 5G protection. However, for ultimate protection, especially for heavy users, we strongly recommend limiting your exposure and avoiding holding your device close to your head or body for extended periods of time.

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