Compost System 20L

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My Good Green™
20L (5.28gal)

My Good Green™ Compost System is an efficient and effective alternative to the green bin and traditional composting. It turns all food scraps, including meats, cheeses and small bones into nutrient-rich soil in weeks, all without the labour, odours and questionable results of traditional composting.

Can’t get to your garden in the winter months? No problem! My Good Green™ Compost System is perfect for indoor use. Make soil over the winter months and it’ll be garden ready by spring!
Turning your food waste into nutrient-rich, organic soil is easy.

In 6 simple steps, you’ll be composting at home in no time!

1. Add
Spread some Bokashi Plus™ over the drain screen. Simply add food waste in layers up to 3″. Be sure to break up larger food pieces for more efficient composting.

2. Sprinkle
Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi Plus™ over your food scraps. Use a little extra Bokashi Plus™ when adding meat, fish and small bones to the compost bucket.

3. Squish
Keep adding layers of food and Bokashi Plus™. Use the compressor to remove air pockets for proper composting. Be sure to seal the lid tightly after each use.

4. Drain
After about a week, drain the bucket every 3-4 days to allow the food waste to properly ferment. This ‘Liquid Gold’ has many uses, discover them all here.

5. Bury
Once the full bucket has fermented for 7-10 days, it is ready to use! Dig it into your garden, add to your soil factory or spread over your outdoor compost pile and cover with soil.

6. Grow
After 2-3 weeks the compost should be completely broken down, leaving you with nutrient-rich, organic soil that will help you grow strong, productive, disease-free plants!

Eliminate household waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create nutrient rich soil in weeks…
And those aren’t the only reasons why Bokashi Composting is better than Traditional!

Bokashi Composting  Traditional Composting
Anaerobic (no oxygen) Aerobic (uses oxygen)
Cold fermentation process Heat oxidation process
Pickles food waste Rots and decays food waste
All food waste can be composted Only plant based food waste can be composted
No foul odours Produces very foul odours
Does not release greenhouse gasses Releases methane and hydrogen sulphide
Does not attract flies or animals Attracts flies, bugs, vermin and other animals
Easy for the whole family to use Requires more work and turning of contents
Retains high levels of nutrients Loses nutritional value levels in heat process (especially Nitrogen)
Takes weeks to finish process Takes many months to finish process (if in fact, it does finish at all)
Can be done indoors, year-round Only able to compost outdoors in warmer weather

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