Jude's Miracle Cloth

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Premium Microfibre Cloth (1 cloth)

Eco-friendly premium microfibre cloth reduces waste and chemical pollutants. Switch from paper towels to the strong, washable and reusable Jude's Miracle Cloth.

  • Chemical-free - only needs water to make it work!
  • Strong! - Washable & Reusable
  • 1 cloth replaces over 22 rolls of paper towels
  • Absorbs 4x its weight in fluids
  • Dries 2-3 times faster than regular cloths
  • Fabulous cleaning power of premium microfibre
  • Wet it, Wring it, Wipe it, Walk away
  • Reduces waste
  • Lint-free
  • Scratch-free
  • Streak-free
  • Spot-free

  • Jude's Miracle Cloth

    Eye Glasses
    You may not have thought about using Jude’s for your eye glasses, computer screens, or phone screens, but some of our users can’t rave enough about how effectively our cloth is cleaning these surfaces! Our tip is to cut your Jude’s Miracle Cloth into smaller squares and to keep them in your purse, glasses case, and desk! You never know when you might need one to wipe away those pesky fingerprints!

    Glass Tables
    Great as a stocking-stuffers or hostess gift, Jude’s Miracle Cloth cleans glass doors and tables like no other! Leaving no water spots, streaks, or scratches, Jude’s will make your glass table shine!

    Glass Ware
    While every dishwasher is different, if you hold a glass taken directly from the dishwasher under a light, you can see exactly how much water and mineral residue remains on it. Be prepared for drop-in visitors by simply using your damp Jude's Miracle Cloth to wipe down glassware and flatware as you empty your dishwasher. Try it and witness the remarkable results!

    Exterior Windows
    ~ Cut your Jude’s Miracle Cloth in half.
    ~ Attach one half to a Swiffer mop.
    ~ Dampen your Jude’s Cloth for maximum pick-up.
    ~ Extend your mop to your exterior windows.
    ~ Watch as the dust, bugs, streaks, and dirt wash away!
    ~ Rinse your Jude’s Miracle Cloth and repeat on the next window!
    Cleaning with a mop as your extended arm is hugely beneficial for those with muscle aches, back problems, arthritis, and other pains. Plus, Jude’s is so effective that there’s no need to spend your whole day scrubbing and putting pressure on your body to get those windows clean!

    You can also use this cleaning method to wash your tile and hard wood floors, as well as your interior windows. The possibilities are endless!

    Washing instructions:
    If your Jude’s is really dirty or has picked up oils or grease, it’s best to wash it before your next cleaning. Otherwise, a thorough rinse in water and hang to dry is sufficient for the next use.

    You can hand wash your Jude’s in the sink with any dish soap or detergent, or you can throw it in the washing machine in up to 200*F / 95* C hot water. Please note that we recommended washing your Jude’s with lint-free items, as lint and fluff can transfer onto the cloth from towels etc. and may cause streaking and pilling.

    Soaking in or adding an oxy-type whitener to your wash is recommended to remove stains. We do not recommend using bleach, as bleach will deteriorate and shorten the life of your cloth.

    DO NOT use fabric softeners!
    Fabric softeners coat the fibres and may cause streaking and limit the absorbency. If this happens, wash your Jude’s again to remove the fabric softener.

    Don’t worry! Jude’s Miracle Cloths dry very quickly. Putting them in the dryer shortens the life of the cloth, may cause pilling, and will attract lint or fluff, which may cause streaking.

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