Apricot, Kernels Bitter (organic) 500g

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*Organic Apricot Kernels. Special Information ! Warning !Contains prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid). May cause intoxication. CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER CONSUME IT AND ADULTS SHOULD NOT EAT MORE THAN THREE PER DAY, AND ONLY IN CRUSHED FORM AND MIXED WITH OTHER FOODS.*

Country of origin: Turkey

These fresh, high quality, naturally-dried, certified organic apricot seeds are non-GMO and they are raw! They have not been pasteurized, steamed or cooked in any way and therefore retain the maximum complement of natural nutrients.

There is approximately an 80/20 mix per bag. With 80% of the kernels being bitter and 20% of the kernels not bitter (or sweet) to the taste. When being consumed, you will get the odd one that doesn’t have the bitter taste. Another way to look at is that you get the best of both (a bitter-sweet experience).

Bitter apricot kernels are a great choice as an introduction to this super food. They can be added to a smoothie, soaked in water overnight before ingesting for greater nutritional benefits or eaten as is. We suggest to consume no more kernels than you would if you were to eat the apricot fruit as well. Other people choose to consume apricot kernels for medicinal purposes and we recommend consulting with a natural Dr. to determine the amount that is suited for each person.

Apricot kernels are also known interchangeably as apricot seeds. The characteristic of Vitamin B17 as it may be known as, is the bitter taste. They are actually supposed to be bitter, as that is how you gain the most benefits from them. We have coined the phrase, "the bitter the better!"

 Cosmetic Base:

Apricot kernels have many uses. A very beneficial use is for cosmetic purposes. Apricot kernels are used as a cosmetic base in oils, facial cleansers, exfoliate base, essential oils, skin lotions and sunscreen, to name a few.

Try this recipe for smoother skin:
5 ground apricot kernels
2 Tbspn olive oil
1/2 Tspn aloe vera gel

Combine ingredients and apply to dry skin.
Leave on for 5 minutes and wash with warm water.
This will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

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