St. Lucia Purple Seamoss* 150g

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St. Lucian Purple Seamoss comes from the pristine Atlantic and Caribbean Seas off the coast of St. Lucia. Lovingly known as the "Helen" of the West. This unspoiled West Indian paradise boasts a tropical, exotic climate throughout the year that helps the sea moss grow at optimal temperatures, maximizing nutritional value. Because St. Lucia is built on an active volcano. It directly benefits from the Mineral rich waters that surround the island.

Once the Seamoss is harvested, it is cleaned and then left to dry in the dark for 2 to 4 days. This is the 1st stage of the drying process, and is what makes the Seamoss turn purple. It is then dried in the hot Sun for 1 to 2 days depending on the weather. This process allows the oss to dry and condense for long term storage and packing. The beauty of sea moss is in its resilience, so it can maintain nutrients and bounce back once reconstituted.

Due to the natural fluctuations in salinity, nutrients, sunlight, and fresh water in the different growing regions in St. Lucia, there will be variations in the Seamoss depending on the time of harvest.

Each batch, and specially each package of Seamoss is a unique representation of the natural environment and time it was harvested. For this reason there can be differences in colour, size, and even salt content on the Seamoss that are completely natural.

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