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Therapeutic-Grade, Pure, distilled MSM with no additives.
100% Gluten Free.
100% GMO Free.
100% Dairy Free.

Highest Concentration of MSM / Sulfur available on the market. No fillers, flow agents, binders, anti-caking agents or preservatives. Our Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals is the best example of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) available. Sulfur plays an important part in tissue breathing, the process whereby oxygen and other substances are used to build cells and release energy and has a vital relationship with protein.

Organic Sulfur is a remarkable mineral for Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Cardiovascular health. Organic sulfur is a food, not a drug. Research indicates that perhaps sulfur’s most important health role is in carbohydrate metabolism, which is significant for hypoglycemics and diabetics. The most pure Organic Sulfur is Crystal Flakes, and because nutritional sulfur helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy, it has been referred to as "Nature's Beauty Mineral."

Start by taking 1 teaspoon into 16oz of non-chlorinated water or juice (hot , warm or cold.. your choice)

  • Adding honey may take away some of the bitterness that is naturally occurring
  • You can increase your dose to 1heaping teaspoon twice a day morning and evening
  • Vitamin C can be taken along with the sulphur as Vitamin C helps your body absorb the sulphur.
  • Divide your daily amount between the morning and afternoon
  • Take on an empty stomach (approx. 30 min)

Also do not take with medication, as these can also destroy or interfere with the Sulfur’s effectiveness. The only thing to note is that Organic Sulfur can thin the blood, so if you are already on blood thinners you should consult your doctor before use. Remember to always talk to your health practitioner for additional information and guidance

  • Excellent for: body pain, inflammation, detoxification, circulation, hair, skin and nails.

  • Provides cellular oxygenation and blood circulation, supporting liver function.

  • Helps to increase energy, stamina, focus and ability to concentrate.

  • Can help thicken hair follicles, and reduce hair thinning.

  • Makes skin more flexible and softer. Reduces wrinkles and scar tissue.

  • Great for skin conditions like eczema, rashes and acne.

  • Helps reduce allergies, headaches and migraines. Helps improve nutrient absorption, and removes toxic waste from your cells.

  • Helps to control stomach acidity, ease constipation and reduce parasites in your system.

Information - Sulfur tips

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