Tray SunBlaster Microgreen (no holes) 10 x 20 x 1-3/16th"

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Perfect tray for starting, growing and harvesting microgreens. Lower depth for better harvests and greater root mass. Used by professional growers, these shallow germination trays allow you to cut your microgreens closer to the plant base for increased yields and presentation.

These trays are available with or without holes.
Order the one that works best for your application.
These trays fit inside our Double & Quad Thick Standard 1020 trays.

Like they we made for each other.

  • Shallow Trays (NO HOLES) for growing Microgreens and Seed Starting
  • Short Tray dimensions of 10” x 20” x 1 3/16” depth
  • Allows microgreen growers to cut closer to roots for increased yields
  • Perfect shorter trays for germination
  • Used by professional growers for microgreens and as seed starting flats.

How to get started growing microgreens:
Choose your microgreen seeds
Fill the tray with 1 to 1.25" inches of moistened soil
Scatter the seeds per directions and gently press them into the soil
Cover the seeds with a humidity dome.
Mist 1-2 times daily … grow 10 to 15 days & harvest.

These microgreen propagation and grow trays are vacuum molded and are greenhouse industry standard 10” x 20” size.
Made from recycled plastic

These will fit where all your standard 1020 trays currently fit.

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